The strength of our team is based on the experience gathered by each member, as well as by working together as a team for the most challenging and complex projects. Another plus of the team is the support of our colleagues working in the design field, together with whom we can solve any problem encountered in a project, from finding engineering solutions that fulfill any requirement of the clients to finding the most optimal solutions from technical and economical point of view. Proof are the projects we participated in, being promoters in applying pioneering technologies in Romania: the first building in Romania with 5 underground levels (Charles-de-Gaulle Plaza), the first building in Romania built in top-down system (Cathedral Plaza), the first building in Romania built above the metro tunnels and performing enlarged base piles in premiere for Romania (Global Worth Tower), the execution of the waterproofing system in lead sheets for the infrastructure of a building (People’s Salvation Cathedral).

Decebal Dima
Head of Project Management

Oana Carașca
Administrative Director