Project Management

By combining the experience gathered in construction works with the design experience, we form the team able to provide the highest level of management and engineering services. We are prepared to approach unique, difficult projects, of any complexity and size, projects using pioneering materials and technologies in the field of construction, being constantly concerned with improving our skills.

Cost Management

The strength of our team is based on the experience gathered by each member, as well as by working together as a team for the most challenging and complex projects. Another plus of the team is the support of our colleagues working in the design field, together with whom we can solve any problem encountered in a project, from finding engineering solutions that fulfill any requirement of the clients to finding the most optimal solutions from technical and economical point of view. Proof are the projects we participated in, being promoters in applying pioneering technologies in Romania: the first building in Romania with 5 underground levels (Charles-de-Gaulle Plaza), the first building in Romania built in top-down system (Cathedral Plaza), the first building in Romania built above the metro tunnels and performing enlarged base piles in premiere for Romania (Global Worth Tower), the execution of the waterproofing system in lead sheets for the infrastructure of a building (People's Salvation Cathedral).

Due Diligence Reporting

We are looking for solutions to bring buildings to a contemporary level of performance, solutions based on performance and consequences. We approach the projects through solutions adjusted to the character of the construction, with the intended destination, with the geographical area where the project is located, with the technical and economic implications attracted by the practice of elaborating a construction project.

Certification of Green Buildings

      With the support of our authorized collaborators, we can prepare the necessary documentation for the accreditation of green buildings       Implementation of the requirements regarding green buildings since the design stage       Tracking these requirements during the construction works for accreditation

Design Management

We mainly offer project management services in civil engineering, but also services related to design and construction such as Design Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Time Management with flexibility in offering them according to the customer's needs.

Quality Management

Based on our experience, on the individual professional know-how, on the results of the activity of our R & D department, we provide fast, efficient, technical and economical solutions regarding the feasibility of the proposed projects, alternative solutions, practical solutions.

Safety Coordinator

      Development of health and safety procedures necessary during the construction stage       Tracking site contractors in order to fulfill the legal norms and to safely carry out the construction works