PRESENTATION OF “GREEN GATE OFFICE BUILDING” PROJECT – 4 basements + ground floor + 11 floors + technical floor (4S+P+11E+ETH), BUCHAREST

Wednesday May 28th, 2014

The article contemplates the technical solutions used in the performance of the structure of the “GREEN GATE OFFICE BUILDING”, located at Tudor Vladimirescu Blvd. in Bucharest (5th district). Vertically, the building consists of four basements, ground floor, eleven floors and a setback technical floor, the total over-ground height being of 52.40 m.

Given the financial crisis that has impacted our country for some years now, the main objective targeted by any developer is that of performing its investment at a cost as low as possible. The pursuit of such goal has revealed as optimal solution for the performance of the structure the solution which incorporates both a cut-down cost of reinforced concrete elements in the superstructure and the “top-down” construction method for the infrastructure.

A significant decrease of the loads triggered by the weight of superstructure slabs has been achieved by using the post-tensioned flat slab solution.